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10 x 10 / PHAIDON
ruconcept wrote in archi_books

Большой архитектурный альбом
10 x 10 / PHAIDON / 468 pp, 500 black and white illustrations (1500 photos)

Curated by Haig Beck & Jackie Cooper, Aaron Betsky, Roger Conah, Kristin Feireiss, Jorge Glusberg, Tom Heneghan, Moshen Mostavi, Terence Riley, Jaime Salazar and Neil Spiller.

A kaleidoscopic view of the work of 100 contemporary architects around the world selected by 10 leading international curators and criticsFeatures over 250 buildings and projects dating from 1990 to 2000, encompassing multimillion dollar schemes, small domestic projects and virtual technology

10 x 10 is a kaleidoscopic view of new architecture in the world today. 100 emerging architects have been selected by 10 leading international architecture curators and critics. Each critic has also selected and listed 10 cultural references - including designed objects, books, films, themes, and movements - to reveal a dynamic range of influences in today's design environment.

The book is unique in architectural publishing and provides a truly global view of the most imaginative and important architects not only of today but also of the future. This monumental book is itself architecturally designed, with a plastic lenticular three-dimensional cover and an innovative shifting grid page design, which packs in over 1,500 striking images in 468 pages. The absorbing tome is presented alphabetically by architect in an dynamically direct A-Z format that results in arresting sequences with the turn of each page, making 10 x 10 an invigorating examination of contemporary architecture and culture.

The book features over 250 buildings and projects dating from 1990 to the present. These consist of recently-built works, as well as projects currently under construction. 10 x 10 journeys around the globe from multi-million dollar schemes such as the Yokohama International Port Terminal in Japan by Foreign Office Architects; through projects such as the tiny timber summer house in Risør, Norway designed by Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk; to the dig


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